With the “joys” of San Diego Comic Con safely behind us, I can finally start talking about my next comic book endeavor - you MIGHT have heard of it…


Coming this October from IDW, I’m so excited to be drawing a brand new follow up story to Tim Burton’s classic,  a 5 issue mini series written by the ever so defrightfully brilliant KATE LETH (Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and Kate or Die), featuring covers by GABRIEL HARDMAN (Star Wars, Heathentown) and GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ (Locke and Key).

Not only for fans of the original film and all things striped and spooky, this new tale is for a whole new generation and with the amount of love that Kate, editor Sarah Gaydos and myself are putting into this thing - it’s going to blow the top off of your topiary!

It’s available to order from Previews NOW, so support your local comic shop, tell em’ I sent ya! And heck - if you wanna reblog this so all your friends aren’t left out in the cold created by a man with scissors for hands chipping at a giant ice block - that would be swell too!